Monday, July 19, 2010

Something Gave...

Something gave.  Sort of, anyway.  We went to my parents house on Friday and Kale got to sleep in our room with us (usually slept with my parents in a king size bed).  My mom moved his toddler bed into our room there.  Kale slept for an hour on the way to my parents.  Then, he played, played, played before eating dinner.  After a bath, he was ready for sleep.  By golly, sleep he did.  He only drank half of his "go to sleep" bottle and at 3am when he woke up, he was happy to get the other half of the bottle and drift off back to sleep in his toddler bed.  We all woke up happy the next morning.  I told Ep that I slept so well that I actually had "sleepy" in my eyes.  Whoa!

Kale wore himself and his Mema and Papaw out on Saturday.  We ate dinner with all of our immediate family, except for Ep's sister Wendi.  We missed her and hope she can join us next time.  By the end of dinner, Kale's exhaustion was starting to show.  He went home with Mema and Papaw and it didn't take a lot of coercion to get him to go to sleep.  He woke up again around 3am and went to get into bed with Mema.  He was then out until morning. 

Yesterday, he finished wearing out Mema and Papaw on the tractor, tractor, and more tractor.  He took a short nap and then we headed to Little Rock.  After helping unload the truck, Kale and I went back outside to water our "vegbatles".  There are some givens when watering with Kale:  he will drop his pants and do his own version of watering the grass, he will get you wet when its his turn to water the vegetables, and you won't be able to resist getting him a little wet either.  Ep came out to find both of us (me, Kale) soaked from head to toe and having a good time.  I think we watered ourselves just as much as the plants.  It was so hot and it just felt really good!  Nothing like hosing off with our kid as you both laugh and play on a hot summer day! 

We then went inside and both took a shower while Ep fixed dinner (leftovers) for everyone.  After dinner, all of us slowed down pretty fast.  Kale went to bed, didn't drink all of his milk, and zonked out.  Ep was right behind him.  At 3am, I heard Kale cry out in his sleep.  I went to check on him, gave him some milk, and covered him back up.  He slept in his bed until 6:30am.  Yippppeeee!

What gave?  I think its called just wearing him out.  He has more energy than seems humanly possible.  He goes, goes, goes all day long.  We just have to find an outlet for him on the days when we don't have any go left.  After a long day at work, trying to figure out dinner, and just handle life in general....finding a couple of hours to just play outside is kind of hard.  I know, so many parents struggle with this.  Yet, this is what Kale needs.  Time to run.  Something else is going to have to give if we want him to keep sleeping this way at night...because something gave this weekend and the kid slept like a rock star and we all loved it! 

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