Saturday, July 24, 2010

Saturday Sanity Score

Today, I had a Saturday Sanity Score.  Yeah, say that three times. 

On any given Saturday morning, you are most likely to find me shopping in someone's front yard, garage, or maybe even inside thier house.  Doing this gives me time to clear my head, only be responsible for me, and just enjoy the solitude of being me.

My husband used to roll his eyes at me for bringing home other people's junk and having actually paid our hard earned money for it.  After watching me buy stuff and resell it for profit and also bringing him home a few awesome items ($50 golf shirt for a buck anyone?)...well, he is now on board with how I choose to spend "Marcia" time.  Today, he didn't even roll his eyes when I brought in a bag of boy's clothes (mostly for my soon to arrive nephew) and two boxes of girl clothes.  Of course, he doesn't yet know (well, he will if/when he reads this update) that I also bought a couple of other items that are still in the back of my truck. 

There are a select few of you who are still wondering why I bought two boxes of girl clothes.  He is why.  The daddy of the house was selling them cheap!  He was also selling these two items: 
This cradle is made by Davinci and sells anywhere from $150 and up.

This stroller is a Graco Metrolite in gender neutral Rittenhouse print, which sells for $125 and up. 

That is $275 worth of retail price for these two items.  Yes, I know...but Marcia, those are the prices for these items when they are new. These items are used.  Ok, but just go ahead and come show me where there is sign of use in this cradle.  The cradle appears to be brand new.  In fact, this cradle looks newer than the crib we have in storage...the one my kid only slept in for a sum total of 3 nights.  The stroller has been broken in, but overall its in great shape as well. 

No, I don't need these items right now.  Sorry, but this is NOT my way of announcing a pregnancy if any of you had hopes for that.  However, I do know a bargain when I see one.  In fact, I am pretty sure that it was an outright sin for how cheap I bought these two items.  Before I tell you what I paid, let me also tell you that the guy GAVE me a box of girl clothes that apparently have stains and such.  I didn't even rummage through the box, I just took it.  I also bought another box of clothes (babyGap, Carters, etc) while I was at it since the most any item was priced was fifty cents.  I paid .30 for a onesie and two pairs of pants that I promise you will bring at least 10 times that if not more at the consignment sale this fall.  So are you ready for the total price I paid for the cradle and stroller?  Are you sure?  Ok. 


Yes, twelve bucks. 

He started at $15 for both.  I offered $12 while trying not to mess myself with excitement.  Dude could have sold the cradle for 3 times that price...easy.  He even took it apart for me and loaded it into my truck.  Nice!  After we agreed that the stroller/cradle was sold, I started sorting through the clothing.  No fewer than 4 different ladies asked about the cradle and stroller while I was sorting.  I am pretty sure there would have been a boxing match if he had told them what I was going to pay for them! 

So, that was my Saturday morning Sanity Steal!  How did I do?

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Amy said...

OK, I'm seriously jealous of the cradle. And I'm not announcing a pregnancy, either!!!

Good work!!! :-)