Saturday, July 3, 2010

Saturday morning adventure

Our morning consisted of:

Ep trying to leave our table at Frontier diner before we ever even sat down (Kale was trying to be in charge).

Kale getting a haircut and then pooping in his underwear while playing at the Thomas table. That resulted in poop on the bathroom floor, Kale, and the changing table as we tried to clean him up. We all came out alive but the only worn once pair of underwear went into the trash.

Kale got a tatoo at the place where we bought Ep's shoe inserts.

Kale saw a bulldozer and yelled about it.
Ep: Oh Lord
Kale: Oh Ward (Lord) a bullbozer!
Parents laughing led to Kale: Howhy (holy) Mowhy (moly) a bullbozer!
Me (trying to catch my breath): Oh God
Kale: Oh God, a bullbozer!
Kale: Howhy Mowhy oh Ward.

We recovered from laughing and were told: I need to go pee pee. I told Ep to stop at the first parking lot so Kale could pee. 15 parking lots, a red light, and five minutes later he pulls into a parking lot. We had a wet car seat. Then there was some verbage...

We are home and working on naptime. Well, two of us are. The other one went to run.

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