Thursday, September 10, 2009

Back to normal, or not

Last week, Ep and I took a little getaway while Kale stayed with Mema. We had a great time. We relaxed. Ep played golf and I got to see an alligator up close (I stopped at about 20 feet away to keep Ep from yelling at me). We generally enjoyed ourselves and were happy and excited to come home to our boy. He got his revenge for being left behind and promptly gave us a stomach bug which got passed on down the family lines when Wendi, Brian, and Fletcher came for a quick visit. Grandaddy and Noney should be soooo happy they sat out that visit! Kale had the virus for probably 10 minutes and the rest of us had it for 36 hours and have been trying to regain our strength ever since. We still aren't back to the land of feeling 100% but we do feel much, much better. We feel alive, versus feeling like death on Monday.

I returned to work after being on vacation for a week, having a holiday on Monday, and then needing to use a sick day on Tuesday. So, yeah, back to work on Wednesday....which was when we were told that the VP of our area team was fired for stealing money through false expense report activities. Right now its at 5 guess it will end up being 6 digits. My employer is seeking restitution for these funds. I mean seriously, like my head wasn't still spinning from bieng sick? Ugh. Ok, yes, I knew this was probably coming, but I just wasn't prepared for the level of theft or the reality of it all. This will bring change, and hopefully it will be good change. Our team sure needs it!

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