Friday, September 18, 2009

Good Morning Elmo

This morning, the first thing Kale did after getting out of bed was run (yes, run) to the living room to get his Elmo costume. Apparently he now thinks wearing an Elmo costume is a top of the morning activity. Of course, he also thinks that eating a cookie for breakfast is a good idea. To my knowledge, he hasn't had a cookie for breakfast in a couple of weeks. However, that doesn't stop him from asking for one EVERY SINGLE MORNING! He will even stand right in front of the panty to ask for it, just in case that while you were sleeping you might have forgotten where we keep the cookies. So, this morning for Kale it was a trip to get Elmo and then drag him back to the kitchen so the cookie request could be given. Somewhere between "no you can't have a cookie" and the offering of other breakfast options, Elmo went to rest somewhere else.

After another visit to the pediatrician, we concurred that Kale does not have the flu and that its just a virus. His fever continues to subside and is currently non-existent. He seemed to have more energy today. Ep, however, is a different story. He has what he is calling the "Kale special" and yesterday had a brief conversation with Kale about bringing home all this crud from daycare. I think Kale's response was "ueggh?", which is the response that he give us when he has no idea what we are talking about or when he just doesn't want to do/say what is being asked of him. Back to Ep...I love my husband, love him with all my beating heart. I do not love low-riding Honda Civic's with the funky exhaust pipes that make them sound like they are actually missing an exhaust pipe and that Kale confuses with the sound of a helicopter. Last night, I am certain that Ep was trying to give any good low riding Honda Civic with funky pipes a GREAT run for its money. I mean, he was doing such a great job that no cars even showed up to challenge him. Now that is some amazing snoring folks. Like, even the dog barked in applause of this snoring. I conceded my spot in our bed and left him to snore and wallow around our king size bed all by himself. Tonight, he will be taking Nyquil. He can have the choice of taking it by himself or being forced to take it.

I am good at giving medicine to a sick patient who is being stubborn about taking medicine. Seems Kale has finally learned that you can fight taking medicine. Who taught him this? What do you mean he discovered all by his stubborn and strong willed self? Hmmph. Lesson not try to give Kale medicine that is cherry or berry flavored. Grape and Bubble Gum can pass by his lips, but don't you dare try to slip that cherry or berry flavored mess into his mouth. Thank God he hasn't yet learned he can actually spit it back out. Yet. Thats a key word. I know he will eventually try. How? Hello, have you met his parents? Enough said.

Mema is my current canditate for President. Mema for President. She has also been banned from returning home until everyone is sure that she is not sick and is not carrying this junky funk that Kale is passing around. Mema has been sleeping with Kale, caring for Kale while we are at work, going to doctor visits, and just generally being a rock star. Mema for President!

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