Monday, September 14, 2009

Some new words and a potty

Kale is picking up new words daily...his latest are:
School bus---cool us (I also think there is school he has also been saying cool car)
Poopoo and peepee are separate words, but apparently he can't say one without saying the other

Anything that looks white and creamy is ice, as in ice cream. He isn't so pleased when the "ice" turns out to be sour cream.
Ice is also, well, ice.
Rice comes out ice as well.

The moon and stars are "up abo abo abo so igh"

Another moment that I don't want to lose...I bought Kale a potty at a consignment sale. When I brought it into the house, Kale immediately knew what it was and wanted to set on it...fully clothed. He then hopped back up, ran over to get the portable dvd player that his cousin was sharing with him, and came back to the potty. Of course, he sat down (still fully clothed) and put the dvd player in his lap. Oh yes...he is his father's child. I can say this little "habit" belongs to Ep because we recently stayed in a hotel that had a tv in the bathroom....which Ep HAD to turn on every time he went in there. It must be a guy thing...

Oh...and we haven't yet officially started the potty training and haven't tried one bit at home. However, school is a different thing and he is learning a lot about it there. So...we will soon start trying at home. God grant us patience, because we are soooo going to need it.

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