Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Sick, again.

Is there a song for this? Sick, sick again, oh yeah, dooowhop, sick again...ok, maybe not.

Ah, the daycare crud...Kale has it. I got the call yesterday and wasn't surprised when the phone rang. I knew it was coming. The clingy boy with the glassy eyes was a HUGE hint. I knew he wasn't feeling good and since he wasn't biting the heck out of me, for once I knew it wasn't his teeth bothering him. To prove we aren't the only household getting sick lately, the pediatrician's office was booked solid all afternoon. Not just Kale's doctor, but the whole dang clinic! So, we took the next best option and Ep got him scheduled to see a doctor at the afterhours ACH clinic. Its not everyday that you have a doctors appt at 8pm! However, I have to give them lots of props! Our wait time was minimal and I was shocked at how fast we went from taking vitals to seeing the doctor. I am talking less than 5 minutes folks! Incredible! We were there less than an hour and that includes the 15 minute wait for the strep test, which came back negative.

Kale was lost in the foggy place of "I'm already supposed to be in bed and instead I am riding down the road in the dark and its raining." Yet, he refused to nod off on the way home. He chose instead to whimper once and I held his hand...and that seemed to suffice. He chose last night to get picky about what pajamas he would wear. Nope, not the ball pjs...not the snowmen...not those either mom. Cars. Car pj's. Ok, fine, whatever works. Ep arrived with the milk bottle and we could not get into his bed fast enough. Yes, we. He has a full size bed, so sleeping with him is an option. I wasn't going to leave him alone in bed and I wasn't taking him to our bed...simply so Ep could get some sleep.

So we crashed. Until the stupid weather alarm went off at 12:15am....for a flood warning. Ya think? Its been raining off and on for 3 or 4 days. I have lost count. Its supposed to rain for 3 or 4 more days. I am pretty sure our rain gauge stops at 6 inches and wouldn't be surprised if it is running over at the moment. Flood warning, ya think? Good thing we live on a hill. I heard Ep turn off the siren and then appeared a wonderful vision. Mema! Yea for Mema! Kale stirred and allowed me to crawl out of bed and Mema to crawl into his bed. Yea for Mema! Mema for President! Yea for Mema! We are sooooo spoiled and blessed. Soooooo much! We are aware of this.

I went to bed, but set the phone alarm for 3:15am for the next dose of Motrin. And then about 30 minutes later, Kale decided to have a late night party. He decided he was done sleeping. Mema took him to the living room and got a dvd started for him. When I got up to shut our door, she was lounging on the couch and he was crawling up to join her...while the dvd played.

When the phone alarm went off for medicine at 3:15, they were back in his bed...the medicine was given and off to sleep we went. At 5:30am, Ep kissed me goodbye and I was oh so very thankful that I got to go back to sleep for another hour or so...until the stupid weather radio went off AGAIN for a new flood warning (seems the previous one expired). I decided it was time to get up and get my day going.

I will leave work early today to go indulge in something that only happens twice a year. The duck, duck, goose sale...I can start shopping at 4pm. I might be a zombie, but I will be there!

Oh, and the patient at home with Mema didn't have a fever this morning. Hopefully, it will stay that way!!!

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