Monday, September 21, 2009

Monday already?

Ugh. Monday. Ok, back to the grind we go.

Mema is headed home because she has declared that she is not contaminated with this thing Ep calls the "Kale special".

Kale went to school and tried to cling to me when we got to his classroom. I spent some book time with him and his classmates and then was allowed to leave. He hasn't been there in a week, so the clinging didn't surprise me.

Ep and I are both at work.

Over the weekend we claimed our DDG money and leftover items, after standing in line for a long time with a bunch of clucky women. Oh my. I could handle the wait and the sun beating down on us...but oh the clucking in that line. Too much estrogen in one place for me!

The Hogs somewhat let us down. I don't even know how to explain that game. Too many factors I suppose. Before the game, Larry tried to fall out of our house and during the game he tried to kill the ceiling fan. Then Ryn learned the hard way that Kale will repeat words, especially when its a fun word like "crap". I have been trying to tell everyone to be careful what they say around him....

Ep made me think the sky was truly going to fall because he forgot to make his weekly picks for our ESPN college game....yes, the game that I had to earn my way into playing with the boys and the game that Ep has won every season (except one) for many, many years now. He got a big fat zero for the week. Fishing got in the way. I scored 47 points and am in fourth...but there are only 3 points between me and first place. If I am ever going to win, this is the year because I don't have to worry about beating Ep with his big fat zero! Bring on more college football!!!

Thanks to Mema, Ep, and Miss Vivian (teacher)....Kale can say most of his abc's. He doesn't say them (or sing them) by himself and he doesn't necessarily know the order. But if you ask him to repeat a letter to you, he will. And I am wondering if he isn't catching on to the order because when I was asking him to say them this morning, he got bored with not wanting to say a certain letter and moved on ot the next letter in maybe he is getting that part down as well.

Ok, back to that Monday grind....

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