Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Old Stupid McDonald on CRACK!

I sent an email to my mom this morning, just to let her know that Kale woke up in the middle of the night asking for her. She replied. At the end of her email, she was talking about finding all the animal toys that are making noises at her house...apparently they are mooing, clucking, and all making all kinds of noises when she isn't looking. When she seeks out the noisemakers, they seem to go silent. My response to her? I think all things related to Old McDonald's Farm have taken a hit off the crack pipe!

Out of the blue this morning, Kale dumped out a small toy basket in his room. Its a basket that he hasn't so much as even looked at in months. Well, you would have thought he hit a freaking gold mine! If he could speak in sentences, it would have come out something like this: "look mom! I found an Elmo, turtle, and cow!" but since he is a one/two work kind of came out like this: "Emmo, tuddel, bbboooooooo!" and then he found the mini see/say set to old mcdonald's farm music. He was so excited. Like wouldn't let me get him dressed excited! These toy finds were so monumental that we couldn't leave the turtle or see/say at home. They had to go with us in the car. He hasn't yet discovered that he can take toys into school, so the toys stayed in the car as he went in to school.

Apparently, he left the see/say between his car seat and the toy basket beside his seat. Every single bump I hit from school to work, I got to hear the into to old mcdonalds farm. Every once in a while, it would cycle all the way through and get to the end....meaning I got the serenade of the cow, sheep, or whatever crack smoking animal it landed on. It took every bit of momma sanity I had to not throw it across the parking lot at work.

So, between the see/say and the animals at my mom's house....yep, Old McDonald's entire Farm seems to have taken a hit off the crack pipe!

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