Wednesday, December 15, 2010


Over the past couple of weeks, Kale has been making a transition.  Its been subtle.  Suddenly though, he seems to sound like a 10 year old when he wants his daddy's attention.  It started out as....daddy, daddy, daddy, DAD!  Now, he has moved on to just starting out with dad, dad, DAD! 

This morning, he got out of his bed at 6:45 or so (Yes, I said HIS bed) and immediately went to the hallway.  His daddy was in the living room, so Kale yells this down the hall: Dad, I want you to come back to your bed. 
There was no daddy involved.  Just dad. 

More and more, he skips over the daddy these days.  I can't hardly stand it because it makes his sound so much older.  Funny, the little things that can tug a parent's heartstings. 

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