Monday, December 13, 2010

It snowed in our garage

Its been a really long time since I have referenced our dog here.  Today is his day.  He is a black lab and his name is Goose. 

So, with the weathermen preaching about how cold it would be last night, I went out into the enclosed garage and prepared it for Goose.  We have a crate out there for him.  He hates it.  I don't blame him.  I kinda hate it too.  However, after his little antic last night, he might have to just hate that crate tonight as he look out from inside the metal cage.

This wasn't his first stint inside the garage.  We are pro's at this and every time we (I) prepare the garage for him, I wake up the next morning to my husband telling me what a mess that Goose made with the xxxxx that he found. Last time, he found a box of Gerber Graduates fruit twists.  He tore into the box and then managed to get about 3 packs of them open.  He also found a box of fruist snacks that night.  I guess he had a thing for fruit at the time.  No matter how hard I work to make sure that there are no food items he can reach or find....and that any toy that might look chewable are out of his reach or inside the house, he ALWAYS find something to entertain himself with out there.  One time, I tried to deter him by giving him a gigantic rawhide.  That backfired, literally, out his backside and left us with a nasty, smelly mess! 

So, last night.  Ready to know what he found?  3 sample cans of Enfamil Enfagrow.  That stuff has has a really long expiration and it was left over from when Kale had to use it.  So, its just been kind of hanging around the garage over in my "stash section" and just waiting for a baby to come along that needed it.  Last night, Goose tacked not one, not two, but THREE cans of that stuff.  This is powdered formula folks....In aluminum type cans, sealed with a pop and pull top with a plastic lid on top of that.  My husband aptly said that sections of the garage looked like we got a couple inches (ok, he exaggerated and said 4 inches) of snow last night.  When I finally got the courage to go see the damage for myself, I found this:
  • 3 cans that were torn into about 25 pieces
  • 3 plastic lids with teeth marks all over them and 3 pop/pull lids that looked more like a human had released them. 
  • Formula all over the place....but specifically on his dog bed. 
  • 1 formula scoop, and since one comes in each can, that means two are missing...
My best guess is that he did literally eat about 75% of each can.  Those cans are either 8 or 12 ounces...I can't remember which and the labels would be too torn up for me to read anyway!

One of us made the comment that "he will have the runs for days!" and that is probably true.  Lovely.  With another cold night on tap, he needs to come inside tonight.  Great. 

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