Wednesday, December 22, 2010


Tuesday was full of fun and/or interesting me being stuck by myself in an elevator for about 15 minutes.  Then there was Kale telling me that he and daddy DO NOT have a baby in thier bellies. 

The funniest was when Kale had been crawling all over me on the couch and I reminded him to be careful of my belly.  He then asked if I also had a baby in my arm or in my leg...because he wasn't going to crawl on them if I did! 

There was also the moment I scored a great newest Medela breast pump (smaller than my current one and it also has a rechargeable battery) for about a fourth of the price of buying it brand new.  I just have to buy replacement tubing and I will be set to go next summer. 

The most sobering moment came when I nearly dropped to my knees right in the middle of a parking lot.  The woman who sold me the pump...she is a mother of five and the oldest is 14.  When she was pregnant with the fifth child, she also found out she had breast cancer.  Due to her situation, she ended up with a 6 week preemie too.  As for the cancer, she has beat it.  She is currently under the reconstruction process.  Her attitude was priceless and she referenced God several times in our conversation.  I wasn't sure what to pray for first...forgiveness for all the things I take for granted or thankfulness that God has allowed this woman to continue being the mother that her kids need and also spreading His message in her everyday life as well. 

In all the hustle and craziness of these final days leading up to Christmas, I hope we all take a moment to remember to count our blessings...its not about the material gifts, but rather about the ones we all take for granted all too often.  Its about the funny little moments and the bigger moments that stop you in your tracks.  Also, don't forget to say a prayer for all the families struggling this Christmas with the loss/missing of a family member who is now in Heaven. 

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Laurie said...

Got chills reading this! Awesome story! Also congrats on the new pump, I'm still toting my 500lb (or so it seems) pump from 7 years ago, but hey got to give it to Medela, they make a solid product!