Monday, December 13, 2010

Just a post

**Editor's Note:  I am getting good at this writing a post and not immediately publishing thing.  Geesh.  This was written last week, just prior to me being attacked by the head cold get the point.**

I'm not going to waste my time trying to think of a clever or fitting name for this post.  Here is your warning, it might me a little jumbled. 

We received Kale's medical records yesterday from the hospital.  Random, I know.  I have always wanted to have them for a multitude of reasons, with one of those reasons being the fact that I want to know what I don't remember or what I somehow missed.  In reviewing his records last night, I learned (or relearned) a few things that had faded in my memory.  I have always wondered if they did anything to help him with the pain of being I know...they did.  Now I also know that the second shock was twice as strong as the first unsuccessful shock.  I was also reminded of how close to death he came. 

This morning, a family in my original hometown had a memorial for their baby girl.  She lived an amazing 128 days.  She was born with a fatal condition.  Their public sharing of her life has been pretty remarkable.  I can't imagine the grief that they are feeling now.  My heart absolutely breaks for the two older brothers that she left behind. 

I told my husband last night that I am just moving from one appoinment or event to the next.  At least that is how it feels.  The next month is not only full of holiday celebrations, but also doctor appointments and adjusting to big changes.  I am just trying to savor each day and find the blessings....and there are sooooo many blessings!

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