Thursday, December 2, 2010

It's a.....

I went to the doctor this morning.  The baby is doing well, but hid from the doctor as he tried to find the heartbeat.  Even more proof that I think this one is a girl...being so fiesty.  Kale never hid.  I am thinking that maybe this one will be missing a sweet tooth, much like daddy.  Ep rarely eats sweets, unless you count the Oreo's he eats nightly with a glass of milk.  Kale and I are sweet-aholics.  Except right now, sweets are generally unappealing to me, to the point that sometimes just thinking about them makes me feel sick. 

I wish I could already tell you that its a....... but I can't.  I don't know yet.  We will find out a little bit before Christmas at my level two ultrasound.  Fun times, me being Advanced Maternal Age (AMA).  You would think my past experience with pre-eclampsia or Kale's congenital heart defect would have some play into me being sent to the specialist.  Nope.  Its all because my body will be a whopping 35 years old by the time I have this kiddo.  So, in a few weeks I go see the specialist and then we may wait a few days to share because I am pretty sure that would be a Christmas gift that a couple of grandparents would never forget....

As for names, we have played with a few...but haven't been really serious about any just yet.  We also haven't decided for sure how we will handle not telling anyone the name, yet preparing Kale for the arrival of baby whoever.  So, maybe this time we will be telling the name.  Maybe not. 

Just be glad we aren't making everyone wait until the end of May to just find out the gender!!! 

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