Wednesday, December 30, 2009



At first glance, I know that looks like I just randomly picked and pecked at the keyboard. Look again. That is Kale's current version of the alphabet. It stops at T and starts over. Sometimes, other letters are skipped. You never know quite what version you will get. He even says the alphabet at 4am. Yes, we know this for a fact.

We also happened to get him the Fridge Phonics for Christmas. I am not sure who is more entertained by it, us or him. He is entertained by the singing and such when he puts the letter inside the hole. His parents are equally entertained or maybe even borderline stunned by the reality that our son knows some of his letters and is quickly learning more of them daily. Its not that we don't know he is smart or that he will probably be smarter than us by the time he reaches double digits. Its just kind of shocking to verbally hear him remind us that there is a LOT going on in that sponge brain of his and that he is no longer really a eat/drink/pee/sleep baby.

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