Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Sick little boy

Yet again, we have a sick little boy. When I picked him up from daycare yesterday, I knew we were in for it. His cheeks were rosy, his eyes were red rimmed and glassy, and I could hear it in his voice. Within 2 hours, he started running a fever. He got a dose of Motrin. He moaned and whined and his parents worried.

By 10pm, which was 3 hours AFTER he had been given Motrin, his fever jumped up to 104. I called the on-call nurse while his daddy rocked him. She advised to keep a close eye on him and call back or take him to the ER if his fever went higher. Really, I wanted to take him to the ER right then. Panic and worry don't quite seem adequate for describing the feelings I was having at the time.

Kale and I went to our bed and daddy went to the couch and finally the other bed. We watched the last half of a movie and just laid in the bed. Kale fell asleep but was too close to the edge. When I moved him, I noticed he didn't feel hot at all. I was shocked. Despite being within an hour of needing more Motrin, the fever had vanished. Between 2-6am, he slept well and I kind of slept. I think I slept with one eye open, as if watching for the fever that might run back into the room and jump into my son's body.

Fast forward through a lot of whining (mostly on Kale's part, but some on mine) and realizing that when Ep locked my truck last night that I had accidentally left my keys INSIDE the truck. Whoops. While we waited to be rescued so we could go to the doctor, I rocked Kale and he zonked. Those kids you see being hauled into stores while they sleep on a parent's shoulder? That is not Kale. Not ever. He never sleeps through doors opening, his daddy's footsteps, and most certainly not through is parents slipping him into his coat. Today, he slept through everything except me handing him off to his daddy, which confused him because the look on his face was very "whoa, where did you come from daddy?"

Our appt was at 10:30 and by 10:49 we were headed back out to the truck. Diagnosis--virus. So, more Motrin and not much else we can do. His eyes look like he has been pulling all-nighters for a week straight and if they still look like that tomorrow, I will be calling to see if there is any relief we can give him for that. We know his eyes must be uncomfortable. Add that to a cough that takes his breath, a rapid and fast heartbeat when his fever rises, and sometimes a runny nose. No wonder he is the definition of cranky. At least we are all getting long cuddles with him.

Mema arrived by lunch today. Mema for President! She could have told us to suck it up, miss work, and figure all this out on our own. She didn't. She came when she was called and didn't say one word about exposing herself to who knows what kind of virus. Yep, Mema for President.

Tonight, the fever took off again (it came back during naptime) so we will keep a close eye on it. If I ever catch that fever monster, I swear I will kill it dead on the spot!

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