Monday, December 28, 2009

Where are we?

Its been a whirlwind week of a different house every few days. Ep went home yesterday and tomorrow I will make the trek with Kale and Mema. We have had a good time seeing family and friends, but I think we are ready to be home.

The holidays have not offered a break from the hard moments in life. My good friend is currently dealing with the loss of her older brother. He was in a bad motorcycle accident and they made some hard decisions before he passed away on Saturday. This friend means the world to me, and her situation has been weighing very heavy on my heart. Please do me a favor and pray for her and her family.

Additionally, Ep and I received some information today that was flat out frustrating. Its not something that we care to openly discuss. Everything happens for a reason and God is at work in all things, not just the good things. Please pray that both Ep and I are able to truly hand this back to God and let Him work it out. I can already tell you, I am going to need you to pray hard on that one...because I am really wanting to take a little bit of this situation into my own hands.

I know that there haven't been pics added much in the past week, but its because I haven't been at home to load them. So, the pics are coming....

Yep, pretty boring post huh? Sorry about that. I promise better and more positive posts to come...

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Amy said...

Praying for you guys! Love you!