Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Ok, we are sick.

Ok, Ok, Ok. I give, we are sick. A couple of posts ago, I tried to vehemently deny this fact. It didn't work. The crud has infected our whole house. The good news is that the crud transporter (Kale) is getting much better. In fact, he is literally running circles around us now.

However, Mema has a bacterial something or other and is taking about 3-4 meds to combat her illness. I went to the doctor today and am taking cough syrup with codine and a steroid pill--and its working! I have an antibiotic on file at Walgreens if needed and can still take Nyquil at night, so I honestly believe I am on the mend (which is a good thing, given that I still have 75% of my Christmas shopping to do). Ep is still battling and I am not sure if he is getting better, worse, or just in a holding pattern. He goes to the allergist on Thurs so he is waiting until then to figure out what meds he needs.

So, that is us for now. Here is to hoping that we are all fully functional and feeling fine by Christmas!

PS...here is pic I took tonight of Kale's eyes. That red you see in them...that was how all the white of his eyes looked last week. It was awful. Oh, and check out those freckles on his nose! How cute are they? I took this pic with my new camera that someone amazing bought for me (thank you!)...those freckles never ever showed up when I took pics of Kale with my old camera!

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