Thursday, December 10, 2009

Sick little boy--night #2

Just like clockwork, at 10pm last night Kale's fever went from holding at 102 to making mommy worry 104. He then setted in the 103 range and occassionally went back up to 104. Around midnight, the thermometer read 104.3 and then we had to add a degree because it was taken under his arm. When the on-call nurse returned my call, she had me take it again and it was back down to 104.3 so she told us to hang tight and if it went above 105 again to take him to the ER. He got his next dose of Motrin and the fever settled at 102 again but did sometimes flirt with 103.

This morning, at 6:30am he had a 102 fever. After a dose of Motrin, by 7:15 his fever vanished.

His cough is horrible, his eyes are bloodshot, but its the fever that scares me the most.

Here is to hoping and praying that the fever is gone and doesn't decide to come back.

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