Sunday, December 20, 2009

Quickie (no, not that kind!)

Here comes a quickie update!

Our house seems to be on the mend. We sent Mema and Papaw home today with strict orders for Mema to go see a doctor again tomorrow. Her will to get up and be active is there, but her ooomph apparently left the building. We are hoping the doctor can give her a shot of some ooomph! We are all still taking antibiotics and other medicine varieties, but each day we all seem to feel better than the day before.

Thomas the train is a HUGE hit in our house. In fact, Kale didn't want to nap today and we think it was because he was afraid Thomas would disapear during naptime (since he appeared during nighttime). All the other toys in our house were serioulsy neglected maybe Thomas will be a good excuse for me to thin out the toy piles again.

Please keep my friend Robin in your prayers. She is a dear friend and her older brother was in a serious motorcycle accident early this morning. He has lots of head trauma and they are still waiting to find out the depth of his injuries. Please pray for her and her family as they cope with his hospitalization, medical needs, and all the emotions/feelings that come with these hard life events.

We have a busy holiday week ahead and are looking forward to seeing family and friends. Christmas will be celebrated on both Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, so those two days should be full of fun and craziness. I am hoping that we find a few days of relaxation somewhere in there as well!

I plan to stay in Alma on Sunday and there is your notice!

In case I don't get to tell you in person, MERRY CHRISTMAS!

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generationsgoneby said...

I tried to post to you on the blog frog but could not. My oldest had WPW. He had an ablation two summers ago. The doctors told us they think a bout with mono a few summers earlier may have been what triggered his WPW to start using his pathway. He began to become extremely fatigued. Grades dropped from A-B to C-D He could barely hold his head up. I thought he was depressed. An EKG showed WPW. His cardiologist did not hesitate to order an ablation and it was done only weeks later. His heartrate during the procedure hit 400.
I pray that your little boy will never have any issues with WPW, but that isn't what our doctors told us about WPW. Maybe it's because of how sick our son was when they found it and your son isn't having issues. Obviously I'm not a doctor and you need to listen to yours. But be aware as he ages, that things could change. We are thankful today our son is a healthy active college student doing well in school. WPW free. He won't have to see a cardiologist again until he is 40 unless he has symptoms. Believe me, it is very freeing. LOL