Saturday, December 26, 2009


Christmas has now come and gone, and wow was it jolly and merry! It was a great celebration with family. The only downer was that we are all still recovering and hoping we didn't infect those who weren't already sick.

Kale got everything he didn't ask for...because he didn't know to ask for it but we all bought him fun stuff anyway. He also got what he asked Santa to bring him...a train. He is a happy and blessed boy.

We got our Christmas snow, and on par for an Arkansas snow, it snowed more where they said it would snow less and snowed less where they said it would snow more. I guess I can't really fault the weather people here since they get to predict a measureable snowfall about once a year, or maybe once every 3 years. And speaking of snow. Kale HATES snow. Its cold and wet makes everything so bright and he wants nothing to do with it. We pulled him around on a sled and tried to get him to touch the stuff...but no way that was happening. The boy who loves to be oustide was begging to go back inside.

Today we drove back down to my parents house and enjoyed a great lunch at Catfish Hole. So incredibly yummy. Here is a random thing you probably don't know...they use my maternal grandma's hush puppy recipe there. So, everytime we go there, not only do we get to eat great fish, but I am also reminded of some great fish meals at my grandma's house.

Kale is currently fighting a nap, despite nearly falling asleep at the lunch table. Dad and Ep went to put new tires on my Sequoia. Merry Christmas to me! I got two tires and Ep got two tires! Whew, good thing we could agree where to put them.

Speaking of naps....maybe I could handle one myself.

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Confessions From A Working Mom said...

Ahhh, Kale, GOOD MAN! I also hate snow... and I think my daughter is following my lead :)