Sunday, December 27, 2009

Kale and Dash

You would think that this dog (Dash) would want to sleep as FAR AWAY as possible from Kale after spending all day putting up with a two year oldsters antics. When Kale is around, Dash deals with having a pulled tail, getting smacked instead of petted (because Kale gets so excited), and generally having to be constantly ready for an attack.
After Kale went to sleep, I crawled unto my own bed. Dash came into the room and immediately went to Kale's bed and curled up at Kale's feet! Normlly, Dash likes to sleep under the covers...but I guess he knew that a snoozing Kale wasn't going to lift the covers for him.
I turned on the light and quickly snapped this pic. Sorry it's blurry!

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