Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Casualties of the dog

Last night, in a humane effort towards our dog Goose, we let the dog sleep inside the enclosed garage. I went through the entire garage looking for anything food related (or that would smell like food, even if it wasn't food) and thought I had found everything--a box of Cheerios.

Goose was excited to come inside and it all started out nicely enough. In fact, after an initial round of sniff the place down, he laid down by the door and conked out. We went to bed.

Apparently that is when the party began. By morning, the following casualties were found strewn all over the garage floor:
  • 4 cans of organic tea, 1 opened and the other 3 salvageable.
  • The remains of either a mini Oreos or Chips Ahoy travel container--all that was left was the white package and the lid. No cookies or wrapper to be found.
  • A completely empty bag of cough drops, missing one side of the bag.
  • Countless papers and some shipping size envelopes
  • 2 sweaters that had been in the "donate" pile--don't know if he tried to wear them or not.
  • Various other piece of plastic and paper remains that were too small to identify
  • A partially opened box for an automatic air freshner (maybe he was trying to hide the scent of his sins?)
  • 5 travel baby wipes packages, 3 of which were opened (maybe he tried to clean up the mess?)

Needless to say, I was NOT HAPPY with the mess. However, I did say a thankful prayer that after ingesting or trying to ingest all of that....there was not any OTHER type of dog messes to be found. However, I am pretty sure that his stomach was giving him fits because he pretty much bolted out the door and the entire garage smelled like a herd of teenage boys had been there about an hour after eating loads of pepperoni pizza.

He may get a stark reminder of what is like to be CRATED tonight, because it will once again be too cold for him to stay outside.


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