Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Maybe he learned a lesson?

He, in this case, is in reference to Kale AND Goose.

Last night, I went to bed wondering if maybe both of them had learned a lesson. First, we made our weekly Tuesday night trek around the corner to Larry's pizza. We had a conversation (ok, we talked and just hoped he listened) with Kale about going to EAT FIRST and then he could "drive car" later. He is completely consumed with driving the car game in the Larry's Pizza game room. So much so, that last week he threw himself on the floor when I told him that we couldn't immediately go to the game room and would be sitting down to eat first. So, in an attempt to avoid the ENTIRE restaurant looking at us and our screaming, flailing in the floor child...we had a talk. Maybe it worked? Really, in the world of raising a two year old, we don't really know. However, we did walk in and find a table and Kale didn't end up arching his back, flailing in the floor, and screaming CAAAAARRRRRRR! He only lasted about five minutes at the table before the incessant "Kale drive CAR?" began. We managed to squeeze maybe one half a piece of pizza in him by saying "eat this and then you can go drive the car". Yes, we bribed him. Then we still made him wait until one of us was full enough to go stand with him.

As for Goose, either I managed to finally put up everything that might have intrested him into mess making round 2 or he learned his lesson. Maybe a little of both? Either way, he came into the garage and curled up on his pillow and zonked out. Apparently there wasn't a need to party last night and sleeping was a better option for him. I checked on him around midnight and there wasn't a mess, so I didn't crate him. Lucky him! As Kale and I went out to truck this morning, Goose very reluctantly got up off his mat and came outside with us. He knew what awaited him...a cold day outside. Oh well, maybe that will help him remember to behave when he gets to come back into the garage tonight!

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