Friday, January 15, 2010

RAOK--Random Act of Kindness Challenge

RAOK=Random Act of Kindness

My mind in running so fast that the rest of me can't keep up. I am completely buzzing on some kind of natural high. It wasn't just one point of this morning that brought this high, it was a culmination of things that all came together in one moment. Before I go any further, you should know that my husband recently invented the RAOK game--one of us does a RAOK and then other then has 24 hours to complete a RAOK. Amazingly, I haven't yet had to seek out my opportunity to RAOK because they have literally landed in my lap. This morning was no exception.

On my way to drop Kale off at school, I was listening to the radio. Wouldn't you know, they were talking about RAOK's and the big magnitude of their impact even when the gesture is small. The next sentence is going to seem random, but bear with me. I had been wanting a McDonald's sausage biscuit all week. I had denied myself so far, but caved this morning after dropping Kale off. It doesn't help that there is a McDonald's one block from his school. As I pulled into the parking lot, the drive thru line was wrapped around the building so I spotted a parking spot and claimed it. Anyone who has ever visited this particular McDonald's can tell you, more than likely you are going to be approached for money or something despite the fact that a security gaurd works in the parking lot. I had barely taken two steps out of my truck when a car pulled up. I kept my distance while the man rolled down his window. The conversation went like this:

Him: "Ma'am, I know you must hear this alot, but my wife and I are from Lake Village and we are stranded. We slept in our car last night. A man beat on the window and broke it (yes, it was broken) and took my bag with my clothes and money from the backseat. I was wondering if you could buy us some food."

Me: "I sure can. What would you and your wife like?"

See, it is VERY common to get approached for money in various areas of our town. Rarely do those in need ask for food. They want money. So, his last comment caught me really off gaurd and I really didn't even think about my answer as it fell out of my mouth because I was so shocked to be asked for something that I could give without wondering all day if I had done the right thing. Yes, I know that sentence was long. Again, natural buzzing happening here...sorry!

I went inside and the whole time I wondered if they would still be outside when I went back out. As I stood in line to make their order and mine, I realized that this would get them by for now, but what about later. I added a gift card to the order as well. I figured that even if they traded it to someone for least SOMEBODY would benefit and eat!

I delivered thier food and the gift card. I walked to my truck and as I looked back, they were digging into their food. And I also knew the RAOK wasn't done quite yet.

I called the radio station. The broadcasters on the show know me, thanks to Kale. I let them know who was calling and told them what it all just lined itself up...about the game that my husband and I play...and then I made the game bigger. I challenged all the listeners to find a RAOK, big or small, to complete in the next 24 hours. And then I knew I still wasn't done.

So, now I am issuing you a challenge. Complete a RAOK in the next 24 hours. It can be something grand or small or somewhere in between. I would love love love to know about your RAOK, so please come back here and post it as a comment.

Now that I have thrown the challenge at you, I will also give you a helpful hint that I also shared with my husband this morning as I reported my RAOK to him. You don't have to look for the opportunity to do a RAOK, you just have to have a willing and helpful heart when God brings the opportunity to you.

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