Monday, January 4, 2010

It is snowing! (sort of)

It is snowing here. In case you don't know, this doesn't happen in Arkansas very often. When it does snow here, we never know if we will get the good wet accumulating make a snowman type of snow or if we will get the its pretty to watch fall but doesn't accumulate or make a snowball at all snow. For the past 12 hours or so, we have been getting the latter. Some areas north of us got the other kind. They are throwing snowballs and making snowmen. We are just watching it fall wishing we could make snowballs and snowmen. I can't complain though. The place where I work has a liberal policy about inclement weather. When the school district closes, we are closed. So, today, when the local school districs chose to not take a chance of buses, kids, and parents sliding into school....I got a snow day as well. I call these types of snow days a bonus day. We can't go out and enjoy the snow, but we do get to stay home and enjoy an unexpected day to relax, play, and cross things off the "to do" list. Oh, and I get paid like I am sitting at my desk at work....BONUS! (Yes, I know this is a true blessing and I am grateful for it!)

My dear husband (who had to go to work) asked what Kale and I would do today. So far we have opened/played with a Christmas gift (Little People Construction) that I forgot to give Kale, ate raisin toast with "budder", and I made a list of tasks to get completed today.

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