Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Little bits of this and that

Just a few bits of this and that...for the record.

We spent last weekend at Camp and had a good time. It was great to get away and enjoy everything without the interruptions of tv, computer, etc. I also had the chance to take some great pics of Kale!

Kale and I had a bit of time to burn with nowhere to burn it on Monday evening, so we called the Leavell's and invaded thier house. Kale had a great time playing with the their boys. He told his daddy all about it later that night. He has asked every morning and night since: "go Robin's house?"

Monday night, we celebrated my birthday with a family meat at Outback. Ep surprised me with having them sing and bring ice cream to the table. Actually, he surprised both me and Kale. I really don't know who was more shocked. I had turned to fix something in Kale's bag and when I turned around there was a candle in my face and about 6 people who started singing. Kale was sitting at the end of the table and had no idea they were behind the singing startled him a bit as well. After he put his eyeballs back in his head and made his embarrassed face, he just laid his head on the table. It was cute.

This morning, Kale scared me. He slept until 6:45 in his own bed. He came to our bed in the night, but I took him back to his bed and laid down with him. Usually, he finds his way back to our bed by 5am or so. He didn't this morning. When he did get up...holy crankiness. He didn't want to get dressed. Then he dumped an entire bowl of water on himself. He was happy to get out of the wet clothes but not happy to get dressed once again. Ugh. That boy! And I am sure that my mom is laughing and saying that nature's revenge on me is sweet about right now.

We hit traffic on the way to school/work. I took an alternate route. As soon as we veered off our main route, Kale piped up from the back seat: "No cool taday?" (No school today?). little guy!

Here are a few Kale-isms:

matato (potato or tomato)
ush up oose man (hush up Goose man)

cow milk (plain milk)
bawby milk (strawberry milk)
oh goodness (oh goodness)
sotion (lotion)
we get lots of variations of the alphabet, sometimes with numbers mixed in
everything is mine!

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